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Amazing Travel Hacks For Bus Travellers In India

Buses are a great way to travel and cut down on a lot of expenditure if you have time in your hands. While bringing in this inexpensive option, you might reconsider the choice when you think of comfort. In order to make your bus trips a lot easier, we’ll give you some advice on the how, when and what of bus travel.

  1. Booking tickets for the bus
  • Book your tickets in advance because some routes in specific fill in fast and you might get bad seats which are more likely to make you hate travelling by bus. Give yourself the freedom from bad experiences and book early.
  • An interesting fact not known, running a quick google search for the best bus tickets online will help you save up to 20%. Especially if you’re on a long-distance one which might need you to sleep overnight in the bus, do not compromise.
  1. Strategically picking your seats
  • The further away from the front you book your seats, the bumpier your ride will feel.
  • Never book the first row unless you’re really tall and absolutely need the leg space. Spare yourself from sitting right in front of the television or right beside the speakers.
  • Never book your seats in the last four rows because that will mean you’re sitting right above the wheels and you’re likely to feel the bumpy road more than the rest on the bus.
  • If you think you’ll feel comfortable being able to change positions while you sleep, pick the window seat. If you think you need space to stretch, take a seat in the aisle. Book closer to the front for the best experience

                      Bus Seating Arrangement

                            Image source: Google images

  1. Keeping yourself comfortable
  • It is very likely that you shall have so much time on your hands and boredom will just creep in. Keeping yourself entertained is what finally defines how you pass the time on your ride. Carry your mp3 player or phone and headphones.
  • Unless you’re a backpacker and do not have space for more, carry a head pillow for the best journey. Most people have a bad back ache or body pains when it comes to long bus journeys because sitting up in odd positions for long stresses the spine.
  • Get yourself earplugs and a sleeping mask. Long hours sitting in the same position with absolutely no sleep and the risk of being annoyed by your neighbor’s music or other noises is pretty much the nightmare. Cutting out the noise and light will give you some much-needed sleep and make your journey easier 

                               Image source: giphy.com

    1. Safety and Health
    • Carry only what’s needed and never over pack when you’re travelling by bus. Carrying it around is one problem so packing just because they don’t have restrictions will make it difficult for you later.
    • Pack like you’re going to be on a flight and are allowed to have very little hand baggage. Carry essential medicines, food and drinks, passports and other precious documents on your baggage.
    • Try eating as less as possible outside as it might make you feel like puking due to the bumpy ride and you might want to use the washroom. Roadside food on stops is not recommended so consider carrying snacks and skipping heavy meals. ( nuts, granola bars, biscuits etc)
    • Bus journeys might mean you will have to keep those eating habits in check. Have energy drinks handy to keep yourself hydrated but do not drink too much or eat too much because you’re very likely to need to use the washroom.
    • Never keep all your valuables in one place. In the event of robbery, you’ll run the risk of losing everything. So make sure you spread them out.
    • Always dress in layers when travelling by bus because it usually gets uncomfortably cold or hot. You will have the liberty to remove a jacket or wear it accordingly rather than freezing in the cold likewise.
    • If the travel time is more than 16 hours, do not take the bus because such long rides with limited facilities for food and washroom breaks coupled with sitting in the same position might be bad for you.


                        Image source: http://www.animatedimages.org/img-animated-bus-image-0029-88404.htm

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