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Sleeping mask -

Why you need a sleeping mask right now!

 Sleep is the most natural way of healing one’s self.  Be it stress or disease, sleeping is the kind of rest no other activity can give you and that’s why everybody must have a good 6 hours of sleep minimum to let the body rejuvenate and get back up for the next day. So all your life you've believed sleeping masks are useless or maybe for those who are traveling and need to sleep on the move, then here are a few facts you need to know.

      1. Workaholics: If you are a workaholic and most times you end up working all night and sleep all day, one very effective way to make those few hours of sleep count is by indulging in a sleeping mask. The sleeping mask will block the light effectively and will help your sleep be deep. Sleeping masks enhance a quality of sleep. 


      2.  Travellers: If you are going to be travelling by road or trains or flights, it’s a hard task to sleep with people modulating lights         around you or even worse, rays of lights from unknown sources hurting your eyes. What you can instead do is invest in a sleeping mask that can make sure you sleep much better given that it will block light completely.

      3.  Insomniacs: This might be tried and tested for a few, but you can give it a try if you understand the value of your sleep. If you are one of them who just cannot sleep at night or have any sleeping disorders, a sleeping mask almost automatically shuts down all lights but also your mind. The blocking in front of your eyes pulls down your level of thinking and slowly shuts down thoughts so as to induce sleep.            


     4.   For those of you who have annoying roommates or live with people who have a habit of staying up late and don’t let you switch off the lights, this option is totally for you. Get yourself a sleeping mask and catch up on our sleep irrespective of the fact that anybody around you sleeps soon or not.


      How to pick a sleeping mask?

      Well, most people settle do not like the feeling of something attached to their head but eventually you will get used to the feeling and it will feel comfortable.

    • Cheaper sleeping masks generally do not give the same comfort level i.e your eyelids might be touching the material. Most people hate the feeling of the cloth touching their eyelids. So make sure you buy a good quality sleeping mask. Timeout also has a range of interesting sleeping masks that you can check out.

    •  Material with which your sleeping mask is made is of utmost importance. You can choose according to your preferences but  always make sure the material is thick and has a smooth inner covering for your eyes so that it enhances the level of comfort.



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